środa, 30 grudnia 2009

Thank you!

We did it! 560 sandwiches, 600 bananas, 500 juices and more! More than 30 people working together!


wtorek, 22 grudnia 2009

YouCanHelp! It´s Christmashare!

Hi there!
We are from 5 continents, right now all together in Bolivia (the poorest country of South America) helping people to survive the Christmas. We want to give away at least 500 packages with food. As we think the idea is a very worthwhile one, we want to share it with you.

Now, look around you! Certainly there are people around you who need your help, in your city, in your neighbourhood, on the street, in the building in which you live, anywhere!
You can help anyone in 4 steps:
1. Look for them, it´s more than likely you will find someone who needs food.
2. Buy some food.
3. Go and give it to them.
4. Wish them a Merry Christmas, it´s that simple!

Have fun, take care, and... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

crazy travellers in Bolivia

p.s. you can reach us at Alojamiento "La Plata", Ravelo 32, Sucre, Bolivia

p.s.2.You can join us at Facebook, type: Christmashare